Carrianne L  Hendrickson
Studio picture of  completed  work.Man in the moon pot.Dog boy.     11.75 x 10 x 5”Rabbit girl the carnival toy.

Wall sculptureBird vessel (wall art).Thorny vessel.Thorny vessel.Goat woman bearing fruit.Thorny vessel.Thorny vessel.Neon red glazed crow woman.The crow (detail).The crow. Thorny Vessel with Aqua Interior.Swimmer.Seated Rabbit figure.Rabbit Girl (wall piece).The dream.The dream. Rabbit box (lidded vessel).Bird Vessel.Rabbit Vessel.Thorny Vessel with crawling interior glaze.Bird Vessel (with eggs inside).Crow Box (lidded vessel).Marionette mouse.Seated rabbit figure.Pierced clay vessel with crackled surface.Bluebird vessel with eggs inside.Bird Woman (wall piece).Squirrel Vessel.Rabbit VesselCrow Vessel.MemoryGrey Rabbit doll (wall or pedestal piece).Baby doll with rattler.Doll with wolf visor (wall or pedestal piece).Clay pig on  flowered ottoman.Clay rabbit with horn.Clay animals.Pillowhead.Johnny the Vegan Boy (story vessel).Rabbit's Journey (story vessel).Rabbit KIng.Rabbit Vessel.Bird Vessel II.

ceramic wall pieceSleeping Rabbit girl.

Squirrel Vessel holding compass.

(Lidded vessel form)Sleeping head vessel.Two small face studies.
Aviator.The offering.The Temptation of Laura.The Cloud.Aviator IIRabbit Teapot.Worry Girl
Clay Sculpture