Carrianne L Hendrickson
Halloween drawing.Halloween drawing (detail).Halloween drawing.Halloween drawing (detail).Wood gatherers.Wood gatherers (detail).Trick or treat drawing.Halloween drawing.Halloween drawing detail.Blue ladder detail.Blue ladder.The red umbrella.The red umbrella (detail).Saint johns proposal to squid woman.Saint johns proposal (detail).Saint johns proposal (detail 2). John and the squid woman.Detail of John and the squid woman.Rain study I.Rain study I (detail).Rain study II.Rain study II (detail).Rain study III.Rain study III (detail).Baby with toys.Baby with toy rabbit.Sketch of baby and toy.Halloween sketch.Halloween March.The Rabbit dream.Fish study II.

Rabbit reading.Frog StudyThe journey to the rabbits.Drifting to the melancholy minstrels.Old style bike.The new bike.Dream of floating rabbits.Halloween night.City rabbits.Octopus drawing.The Dream of backyard dogs.Rabbit watercolor with writing.Rabbit reading in his house.Rabbit's Journey.Worry Boy.In progress octopus drawing.Worry boy.Woman with floating flowers.Fish Study.Children in Autumn.The yellow dress.West Side.Rabbit boy and friend.Girl with heart.Snow Princess.The plane and the rabbit/mouse boys.Pastel on paper.Girl with flowers.Octopus.Rabbit boy's Autumn walk.Rain.The trouble with cats.Turtle painting with words and leaves floating in air.